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What is cellulite?

Cellulite impacts men and women of all shapes and sizes. Both thin people and men can suffer from cellulite, although it's often believed to only impact women and those that are overweight. Cellulite can, in particular, impact people as they age. Causes of cellulite can vary, although some common causes of cellulite include:

  • Sun damage

  • Body fat

  • Loss of skin laxity and thickness

Described more in-depth, cellulite is formed between the bands that run from the skin to the muscle. These fibrous bands have fat that runs through them that gets pushed upward away from the muscle and toward the skin, which causes the dimply appearance of cellulite.

While maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise routine, you can still get cellulite. There are a lot of home remedies to get rid of cellulite, but no real tried-and-true method that does not involve medical intervention. There are, however, treatments out there that can easily help reduce the appearance of cellulite, including EMTONE.

Depending on the Stage of your cellulite will determine your results. In my experience, Emtone results are more pronounced the lower the grade.

How does EMTONE work?

EMTONE is a cutting-edge procedure that allows men and women the opportunity to reduce the appearance of cellulite in treatments that take just about 20 minutes. By emitting radiofrequency energy and targeted pressure to break up the fat between the fibrous bands underneath the skin, EMTONE can provide a smoother appearance. This handheld device is the first and only one that delivers thermal and mechanical energies at the same time to treat multiple factors of cellulite. These non-invasive treatments provide a similar feeling to that of a hot stone massage and require little to no downtime. While some of our body Max RX patients report seeing improvements after just one session, results typically improve over a few months, and we generally suggest about four treatments scheduled a week or so apart for the best results.

Will my EMTONE results last forever?

While EMTONE provides exceptional results for cellulite reduction, there is no permanent method for removing cellulite. Diet and EMTONE are the biggest factors known to help combat cellulite, so we always suggest that our patients maintain a healthy lifestyle after their treatments to optimize their results. We also suggest repeat sessions as necessary to maintain your results. As a quick, effortless, and comfortable method for reducing cellulite, many of our patients enjoy coming back to Body Max Rx to improve their appearance. Combined with nonsurgical skin tightening or a body contouring treatment, like EMSCULPT® NEO, you can enjoy fantastic results for a toned and fit appearance throughout your whole body.

If you’re curious if EMTONE will help you get rid of your cellulite, or if Body Max Rx can help you reach your aesthetic goals, we encourage you to call our Flower Mound, Tx office to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled and dedicated team members. We look forward to working together to help you live a beautiful life.

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